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September 26th, 2016

Local Services, LLC - Portable Bathroom Rentals

Porta Potty Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the blue stuff in a Porta Potty?
Portable toilets often use a smell-reducing chemical (deodorizer) in the holding tank. This chemical is typically blue so that when it interacts with enough urine and feces, it turns green. This green color is an indication that the chemicals are no longer effective in preventing odors.
When was the first portable toilet invented?
Who Invented It, history.
The first Porta Potty was created by George Harding in 1940 for people who worked on boats. In the 1950’s the First Porta Potties were made out of wood and metal. in the 1970’s fiber glass replace wood and metal and in 1980 plastic took over.
We offer an extensive line from the basic portable restroom, to luxury restrooms with hand sanitizers and sinks. We have various types of handicap units, as well as waste holding tanks, inside units for construction trailers, and hand wash stations.
At Local Services we take pride in providing you the knowledge and understanding to ensure you have the correct unit for your event. Size and location does matter, but we are prepared to have everything you need for your guests, friends and family to be comfortable in knowing their restroom needs are handled. We deliver throughout the Virginia, D.C., and Maryland areas. Our team takes your expectations personally and our goal is to see that you are all smiles when we pull away with our trailer at the end of your rental period.

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